February 8, 2017

Lubbock DJ

Lubbock, Texas


Early Lubbock Courthouse

Lubbock is known as the Hub City because of it’s being the economic, educational and proximal “Hub” of the South Plains region.  Although Lubbock County was founded in 1897, the city of Lubbock didn’t actually incorporate until 1909.

It didn’t take long for Lubbock to become an economic and educational center.  In the same year it incorporated, the city laid the first railroad and just a little over a decade later, the city was granted the rights to host Texas Technological College, known today simply as Texas Tech.

Jones Stadium in Early Lubbock

Cotton is a major part of the Lubbock economy and it is the primary crop for the entire region.  In fact, this area is the largest contiguous cotton-growing area in the world.  Because there are so many farmers in the area who plant and grow cotton, when the crop is good and the prices are high, it has a major impact on the Lubbock economy.

But Lubbock is known for another product.  It’s music.  There have been a number of famous musicians that called either the Hub City or the South Plains region home.

Musicians like, Nathalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, Mac Davis and Buddy Holly and the Crickets have all called Lubbock home at one point.  But the South Plains region has also produced Waylon Jennings (Littlefield) and Tanya Tucker (Seminole), so the area is definitely rich in music heritage.