February 8, 2017

Lubbock Museums

For a city it’s size, Lubbock has a large number of museums.   No doubt Texas Tech University has a great deal to do with why it is that there are so many, as there are 3 on the campus grounds.  These are:

  • the Museum of Texas Tech University,
  • the Ranching Heritage Center and
  • the Museum of the College Baseball Hall of Fame

Front of the Museum of Texas Tech


Both the Museum of Texas Tech and the Ranching Heritage Center have exhibits that deal with early life on the South Plains, going back to prehistoric times.  Coming forward to today, you can see the hardships that early settlers to Lubbock and the surrounding area dealt with as they worked to set up farms and communities.

The Museum at Texas Tech also has rotating exhibits that range from the early expeditions to the North Pole, to large model trains, to works of art created from melted crayons.  They keep these fresh, so there is always something new to see there.  While you are there you can check out the latest exhibits about the stars at the Moody Planetarium.

Barton House, Ranching Heritage Center TTU


But museums are not limited to the Tech campus.  Other museums located here in Lubbock include:

  • the American Wind Power Center Museum,
  • the Lubbock Lake Landmark and Museum,
  • the Silent Wings Museum,
  • the Buddy Holly Center, and
  • the Museum located inside the Science Spectrum

The Front of the Buddy Holly Center

All of these provide great opportunities to learn about the history of the area and provide fun times for people of all ages.  Some provide a unique glimpse into life on the plains in years past.

For example, the American Wind Power Center Museum has a large display of windmills used in farming, ranching and wind power generation, from across the region.  Many of these are fully restored to their original glory and make an interesting field trip for kids.

Of course, the Buddy Holly Center is a place to explore some of the musical roots of Lubbock by looking into the life and times of Buddy Holly and his music.

Lubbock is certainly rich in culture and history and provides you with so many places to explore and learn about the area.