February 5, 2017

DJ Services

What would a wedding or birthday party be without music?  Well, we frequently tie events to a song that was playing when we were having a great time and from then on, we forever associate that song with that special time we had.  I believe that to be the role of the DJ; to set the mood for the event and subtlely, but effectively help provide the backdrop for a great experience for the guests.  I love providing the music that helps people make memories tied to a song that will last a lifetime.

As a DJ, I can do any type of event you need music for.  From weddings to Birthdays and Quinceaneras, from company or holiday parties to Proms, from grand openings to reunions, I can do them all, large or small.  I have an extensive playlist to suit any type of event and can add any song or type of music to make the night fantastic.  If I don’t have it, I’ll get it for you (I do have a lot!).

The Deck of My DJ Mixing Equipment

The Deck of My DJ Mixing Equipment


My DJ services include:

  • Lights,
  • Smoke Machine,
  • Loud Music
  • and me, your humble live DJ.
  • I also provide my own table, extension cords, and chair.

I have many years of experience providing service to hundreds of events, to help make sure your event is all you imagine it.   This also means that once you have hired me, the music is just one less thing you have to worry about.  I look forward to hearing from you.