February 16, 2017

DJ for Company or Holiday Parties

DJ Setup for a company party.

DJ Setup for a company party.

As a DJ over the last fourteen years, I have helped many companies celebrate a holiday or milestone by providing the music that helps make it lively and memorable.  Every company is different, and whether you need holiday music for a festive Christmas party, or happy, upbeat music to celebrate hitting a company milestone, I have the playlist to set the mood.

From Christmas parties to celebrations for a company hitting annual KPI milestones and everything in between, I have been a part of it.  And as it is with almost every other type of event where someone might need a DJ in the South Plains area, I have all the equipment you need to make the party great.  You won’t need to provide anything unless there is some specific, unique song that I don’t yet have.

Please connect with me the next time you’re considering a party for your company.  I will help make it a great event for everyone in attendance.

If you have questions or need to book a date, please fill out the contact form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.