February 5, 2017


Frequently Asked Questions

So after 14 years as a DJ, I have been asked a LOT of questions about what I do.  However, there are a few questions that I get asked so often, that I thought I could answer them right here on this page.  At the bottom of the page, there is a contact form, where, if you have other questions, you can get them answered asap.  Thanks for checking out my website, and I look forward to speaking with you soon.

What music do you play?

 I will play anything you would like to hear. Top 40, Tejano, cumbias, country..

When you Dj, what do you bring to the party?
I have all of my own equipment including:
Lights, smoke machine, my big loudspeakers, along with my own table and chair.

Does it take you very long to setup/breakdown?

Usually, an hour or less for setup.  And breakdown is always faster.

How long have you been DJing?

About 14 years now.

Do you have microphones we can use for toasts or for the wedding ceremony?

Yes, I have wireless microphones just for that.

What do I have to do to book you for my wedding or party?

I require a $100 deposit to hold a date for you.

How do we get in touch for payment?

I like to meet in person to go over their ideas and plans for the evening. And for the $100 deposit. The deposit can be mailed if the customer is not able to meet in person.

How tall are you?!

I am 6’10”.
They usually reply with, I see why they call you Yeti!