February 5, 2017

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


I am a down to earth, straightforward guy, who really would rather just do business on a handshake.  I really have few conditions, just that if you would like to hold a date, it requires a $100 deposit.  I will provide music, a smoke machine, lighting, all cords, a wireless mic (if necessary), and my own chair!

If you would like to see the kind of business I run, please see my Facebook page, testimonials page and/or speak with those in the community who have used my services.  I have also done work through Thumbtack and have a good reputation there.

As stated above, a deposit of $100 to hold a date on the calendar and I have a fee schedule as follows:

  • Weddings- 6 hours of entertainment for $500
  • Parties/Events- 6 hours of entertainment for $400

I love doing referral work and always appreciate honest feedback on my GoogleMyBusiness page, my Facebook page, or direct messages.

Let me know when you’re getting together and I’ll show up and make sure your event is remembered by the attending guests.  Music sets the tone, and mood of any event, and after so many years of doing this, I understand what gets people up and dancing.

After checking out the types of events I provide music for, shoot me a message and let’s talk!